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Cat’s View #4

 Who said summer was lazy? I’ve been dashing in and out, keeping my Provider busy opening doors and windows for me. All these birds to watch, especially when feeding their fledglings – not that I catch any, I am above such things, preferring my toys.

Actually, the best toy of late is my Provider’s shoe lace. I was so proud of myself! I almost stopped my Provider going out at all then. I ripped the outside of the lace right off!

PS – It’s still off – my Provider forgot to buy more shoe laces! Whoopee!


Cat’s View #3

Sun. Hot sun. My Provider and so many other bipeds seem to like it hot. But the hunting is never as good, and chasing up my favourite tree is simply too, too, exhausting! If I lie on the damp grass, in the damp shade, what’s the point of a dry, hot day? And if I lie in the sun, I have to pant – or go indoors to cool off, or have a cooling drink of water. Maybe we felines did once come from desert regions, as I’ve heard tell, but now, really, this is too exhausting. I’ll go to my house-den for a sleep – until the sun is no longer at sky-high, but down to a nice, energising, sky-low time. Then I’ll be back out for some fun, and check what the insects were doing while I rested. Always with one eye open, of course…….

Cat’s View #2

Fog. Delicious. Have you ever noticed, the wet in the air, the way the damp hides your scent? And the fog itself hides you, you can creep, almost unseen? My Provider huddles indoors, but I always come out when it’s foggy or misty. My vibrissae have such delightful vibrations – all so much clearer in fog. (Must wash them when I get back – just brushed my whiskers on a twig.) I will prowl round a while, till I go back to my house-den – might take this leaf back with me. Lovely scent, lovely shape on this leaf, lying here among all these rustling, singing leaves – they make such a beautiful sound under my silent paws. This one, I think, back to my home to play with….

Cat’s View

I, known as Cat, am of the feline race.  My Provider gave me a new, huge, catnip toy. I was delighted, I love catnip-stuffed toys.  So imagine my disgust when another feline, less well provided for, came in through my window, into my house, ate my dinner, then – of all outrages – played with my brand-new, unchewed, unhunted, unkilled, toy!  Before my very eyes, this cat played for minutes on end!

I didn’t mind my dinner getting eaten so much, my Provider would provide more, perhaps more to my taste, but to take  my toy! – my kill! – my fun!

I’ll just hide here for a while, then demand more…….

Hello world!

A reason for writing – my cat kept sitting on my palette, so I couldn’t paint!

So back to first love, writing.