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Cat’s View #3

March 30, 2012

Sun. Hot sun. My Provider and so many other bipeds seem to like it hot. But the hunting is never as good, and chasing up my favourite tree is simply too, too, exhausting! If I lie on the damp grass, in the damp shade, what’s the point of a dry, hot day? And if I lie in the sun, I have to pant – or go indoors to cool off, or have a cooling drink of water. Maybe we felines did once come from desert regions, as I’ve heard tell, but now, really, this is too exhausting. I’ll go to my house-den for a sleep – until the sun is no longer at sky-high, but down to a nice, energising, sky-low time. Then I’ll be back out for some fun, and check what the insects were doing while I rested. Always with one eye open, of course…….


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